Dodgers Training Academy “Powered By” Program offers a unique opportunity for Teams and or Leagues to use our professional staff of instructors to help subsidize in areas of need. It’s a multi-tiered program that is specifically designed to assist in areas such as: training, practice plans, office admin, mental resilience, coach development, in-game management strategy, team building, and much more. With this one-of-a-kind program, you are also afforded special perks and opportunities from the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Ages: 8u-12u
1x/week training

LADTA is a big supporter of Little League Baseball. We offer 4-12 week training programs for little league teams/players who want to prepare for their draft. These fun and engaging programs are designed to help young athletes develop the skills and fundamentals needed to grow, no matter where their abilities are when they begin. LADTA provides support to local little league organizations by offering consistent, impactful, and fun instructional workouts specifically for 8-12 year olds, taught by those who have played at the highest levels.


Ages: 14u –18u
1x week training
12-20 players/ team

LADTA wants to bridge the gap between high school coaches and players in the off-season. Collaborating with HS coaches to create effective and personalized training programs gives players the opportunity to learn position specific information that enhances the team. Instead of HS coaches taking on the entire work load of preparing their players, former professional and collegiate players turned teachers can provide their in-depth knowledge of the game to bolster their team. Players will be more equipped and game ready when the season begins and coaches will have more time to build relationships with players as he manages and grows the program.

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